perjantai 16. tammikuuta 2009

The first release: Marv Johnson - Come to me

Marv Johnson (15 October 1938- 16 May 1993) recorded the very first Tamla (Motown) release, Come to me, in May 1959. The Motown sound is already loud and clear here. As Tamla was only working in Detroit area at the time the song was distributed nationwide by United Artists. He soon was signed by them and continued releasing records and working for UA until 1968 and scored nine Billboard Hot 100 singles, including You got it what it takes (#10 in 1959) and I love the way you love (#9 in 1960). Berry Gordy worked as his manager however and Johnsson returned to record for Motown in 1968 but his recording career was pretty much over. He continued to perform until his premature death in 1993.

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